Solving Prolific USB To Serial / UART errors on Windows

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Recently I decided to take¬†my USB TTL¬†device from under the dust and start working on some new hardware projects.. Only I didn’t get very far. After plugging in my Prolific USB to Serial TTL¬†device¬†in I got a message in device manager saying “This Device cannot start (Code 10)”.

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Could not run virtual application

Have a Virtual machine running under Windows 7 and do you get the “Could not run virtual application” warning?

Could not run virtual application

Then chances are something changed to the virtual application, Windows 7 automatically blocks the application from starting then. To get the application started, go to All Programs > VM > [Application folder] > [Application who won’t start-up]. The application will start now and you should be able to open the application from the regular link.

Bring POE port online on Cisco switch

Hi there,

Ever have had a port down on your POE switch and nowhere to turn it on in the webinteface?
Well then I have a solution for you. Telnet to it with cmd or putty and insert following commands

Cisco(config)int gi1/0/
Cisco(config-if)#no switchport port-security
Cisco(config-if)#no shut

Before entering these commands, be sure to disconnect the device that caused the switch port to go in to Error-State. Hope I could be of help.